My wild camping experience

The idea about this camping was just popped outof my high school friend Ganesh Bastola (been my friend for 10 years. He recently (1 month ago) moved from his old home to new house on our neighborhood). At that moment we were discussing about an ideal camping (I call it wild camping) like what if we just go camping on unknown place, with little plan, just one bag pack , just dry foods and other stuffs suddenly Ganesh said “lets go to sikles”. I said yes but we didn’t know about sikles lot we just heard it is beautiful village . We say goodbye to each other that day saying we will start our expedition day after tomorrow .

Day 1, 2013-02-15( Friday)
It was a day after valentine day. I called Ganesh at 7:00 am after finishing my class and notified him about I got all tent and sleeping bags so he had to stop by my house before going to his college, where he teach so he can help me with packing. After that we were supposed to meet at Mahendrapool( our local market). I had my meal at 10:30 and packed my bag pack and headed to Mahendrapool where Ganesh was waiting. Then we did some shopping for food for two days of our camping. Since we had no utensils to cook we decided to take some canned food so after using those food we can cook our tea, noodles in the can.

At 1:30
we took bus to Kahukhola from where we decided to start our hiking to sikles but still we didn’t know much about sikles. When we reached at Kahukhola we found out that it takes minimum 2 days to reach our destination sikles but we only had half day luckily there was last bus which leaves at 2:00 pm. We didn’t took the bus because we met one man who is reserving a jeep and he agreed to take us with him if we pay normal jeep fare it was Rs 300/- each.

At 2:00 pm
Our jeep headed toward our destination. It was not a cozy ride, road was bumpy so we were like jumping on back of jeep and it was dry day so road was full of dust and all dust stuck on us likewe are some kind of dust magnet. In spite of all it was fun ride with really nice scenario of hills and jungle.


At 3:00 pm
We stopped for some tea for 15 minutes and we got rest from our jumping ride. So there we talked to people and there was one man who was heavily drunk and seem to got injured his nose as he fell from something and by watching his condition; it was fun listening to his pointless conversation. After 15 minute our jumping dust ride started again .
When Ganesh and I was discussing about our next plan we saw a small boy was running toward our jeep and he grabbed the metal strip at back of jeep got up. He was smart boy he just saved his time and it was for free he was little hitchhiker. He was student of class 6 and studied in local school at Chachock when we ask further we shocked because he said that Nepali language is his hardest subject. Little boy was going to take his sister from other village. He was really interested in my guitar and said he want to play guitar after he grow up . When he reached his destination he jumped from the jeep and said goodbye to us.

At next stop one family of husband ,wife and son accompanied us in back of the jeep. They were nice people asked about us n our trip and said us that sikles village is really beautiful place. Theyare sitting opposite to us but bolt of their seat is loose so their seat got slanted so by looking on their face we can clearly said that they are having really painful journey but strange thing was that they were still smiling. After one hour they also said goodbye to us.

Finally we reached at the village sikles. It was almost dawn so we climbed toward the hill where we saw jungle, where we decided to make our camp. It was steep hill so I got some difficulty because I was carrying huge bag with guitar attached on back of it. We were climbing and hoping for nice place to camp and good view of mountains and availability of water. Luckily , we got the place to set up our camp. I threw my bag and lied on the ground saying wow it was really nice view and I took a picture of it from my mobile camera.


Camping time
It was already dark so Ganesh started to collect some wood and I started to setup tent. Suddenly Ganesh shouted loudly, I ran toward the voice and found he was shouting Pani(water) pani……….. Pani. Because he found water tap near our camp and after that I found myself also shouting with Ganesh because of happiness. We were both tiered so we started to set up some fire but due to wind and cold our lighter was not working we were struggling to set up fire. But luckily we found a hole on the ground dug by people 2m away from our tent full with bushes Ganesh lit a lighter on the bush and it started to burn as if it was magic because some second ago we were struggling through that even thought to sleep and eat our dry foods with out cooking.


There we were again dancing and shouting because of joy. I have been never that happy by seeing a burning bush but that joy was not for long. We remembered we do not have enough wood to run fire burning whole night. Ganesh told me that he saw a old house near our camp so we both started to look for the camp but it was complete dark and only light source we had was small LED light attached to back of lighter. We kept moving in the direction of the but there was no sign of any man made structure. We decided to return back to our camp, suddenly we saw a big wall on our left it was the a temporary farm but no one was there and no woods but Ganesh took out bamboo from the roof and I took out the door made up of bamboo and woods. We finally have enough wood we need but we have no idea where our camp was. We were walking with hand full of woods and trying to find our camp but there was nothing then I got the idea half an hour after we got lost that Ganesh will wait there with woods and I go and find the camp and when I find it I will shout. The plan finally worked I found our camp just 15 m away from where Ganesh was waiting we both laugh at each other.



I took out guitar and Ganesh started to make coffee. We sang ,ate ,shout and talked about our love life because I was going through a break up but at that time it was no more pain but a reason of our laugh. We used can of soup(which we spoiled without even tasting while heating it) to cook the noodles and coffee and bamboo stick as a spoon it was totally what I ever dreamed to be but it was not what we had planned. We were not controlling anything but whatever happening was like a dream come true for us. But exactly at 3:00 Am Ganesh got fed up of listening about my love life because he was continuously listening about it for almost 5 hours so he stopped responding to my conversation and slept and so did I.

2013-02-16, SaturdayPAPAYA


Sikles morning I woke up 6:00 Am and got out of tent and saw whole mountain range was in front of us as if can touch it. Day was cold and wind was moving but it was how I wanted to wake up every morning of my remaining life. I took some photograph of view and mine with the view myself . Ganesh woke up I ran and check the fire it was still hot so I put some woods and there we got a fire again. We made some tea in same can we used last evening and then our eating schedule started again. I started playing a song ; Ganesh started cooking and heating water, while I was playing a Hindi song “Allah ke bande hasde”.


A group of people came there they were also there to visit sikles village . When we talked futher we found that they were from Pokhara too and they amazed and surprised that my friend Ganesh is a lecturer and I am the student of master in physics. One of them asked me to play song ” Hey There Delilah” so I played it they stayed there and talked to us for some time then they say good bye to us and returned.


Ganesh and I started packing up our stuffs because we have to return to the place and catch the bus in time to Pokhara. While we were having breakfast after packing we met a villager who came there and talked with us and we suggested him to open the hotel there because it was really nice place we offered him breakfast. His name was” Syanapasale”( small shopkeeper) then in return of our breakfast he promised us to give wild honey whenever he will

come to Pokhara. Finally it was our returning time


11:00 Am,

We started our journey to return back home we thought our adventure was finished but it was not. Some villager suggested that we can catch a bus which leaves at 3:00 pm from place where some hydropower was under construction so we started our journey. The trail was through steep stairs down ward to the base of hill and through the side of river and the place was highly unstable because of landslide( in year 2010 there was a huge landslide which blocked the river and huge lake was formed )the normal road was blocked by the landslide so we have to cross the same river many times. While we were walking we found out that where we were walking was the place where. It was really great view there hard road and our destination was much farther than we thought. Because of walking for long time our foot muscle got jammed and It was not working and we got no full control over our body. It was heavily raining but we got no rain poncho or umbrella to protect us from the rain so our whole cloth and back packed was wet but we kept moving because if not we aint going to reach our destination before 3:00 Pm. But our foot was jammed our body was suffering from cold but we kept walking and during our walk just to irritate Ganesh I started same conversation which we had last evening for five hours. Every inch of our body was wet and our whole body specially foot was in pain but in spite of all we were enjoying that we were laughing and laughing all the time. But we could not take picture due to rain. Finally at 3:00 pm we reached our destination from where we were supposed to catch a but so we stopped to have a tea at small tea shop. While we were having tea we found out that the bus was not going to come due to heavy raining because road was too risky to drive in that situation.

There we said “bad luck” so we planned to walk whole road ahead which people said will take 4 hour for us but every energy we had already finished to reach there and our leg was not also in condition to walk that much. Luckily we saw a jeep so we went near and asked the driver for the lift and he agreed so there we were again smiling and saying finally. We put bag on back of jeep and sit inside there were other people too who were there for meeting about hydropower which was under construction and the owner of jeep was also came there for the same reason. There was one person of about the age of 30-35 who was very polite and first words from him was question for us “what do you mean by educated person?’. Ganesh gave him the answer I don’t remember what was that after that he introduced himself as a coordinator of drug rehab program and he was a former druggist but he is now helping other youngsters to get out of it. After 2 hr of drive we reached the place where we started our trail a day before from a jeep. We said goodbye to all of them and took our bag.
It was a just 2 day and one night camping but It felt like it was a month long. Memories I collected there couldn’t be collected in just two days. We met so many different type of new people which is not possible in just 2 days. We trusted people we didn’t knew and they trusted us which normally takes month or even years to create. Places we crossed ,adventure we had problem we faced , all fun we had was normally not possible in a day. Our head was in dilemma that whether things happened people we met was weeks ago or yesterday. Even our home town Pokhara was seem new to us as if we were back there after years. Every road, every turning felt new to me . Every thing I was seeing bursting excitement in my brain but I was also missing that place. This journey was just started without any plan and proper knowledge so everything we faced was surprised us. In short it was a perfect camping experience for me and my friend Ganesh. Though it was of just 2 days but it was wroth months of experience for us. What I learnt from this was real meaning of a quote
” Never expect anything in life so that every moment will be surprise and every surprise will bring joy in our life “


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