Journey Through Parkour

“Parkour”  is the word I heard for the first time six years ago. I was a lazy person that time and I recently finished my High school. What I was looking for   a motivation to keep myself fit and strong  . So I started google little with  a key word how to be ninja(sounds funny but I was looking for motivation)

The top result was Urban Ninja and when I opened a link I came to know the word Parkour. Parkour and it was saying parkour is not a sport it is a art. It involves running, vaulting , jumping, performing fascinating move. Right then I googled ” how to learn parkour” I’m again amazed by a saying ‘to practice parkour you do not need any special place and special equipment and no special back ground( marital art, gymnastic) bingo then created account in that website and subscribed for a daily parkour training email( I don’t remember which website was that). I started parkour but  I had very long to go………..

Parkour was entirely new name for me and other people of my society too even the moves of parkour were  like a alien monkey was dancing on earth. People used to stare at me when I used to do parkour warm ups “monkey walk” . To learn the balance I pretended as if walking  on a rail but  on a straight line  of the gound. To learn precision was jumping from one line to another which I draw on the ground. Most problem is my age in my society people things like jumping running vaulting are the games for the kids not for adult. When I was practicing parkour I was studying Bsc physics so it was difficult to make people to understand what I was doing. Some people even said am I not ashamed of what I was doing ( kids stuff). So I make one plan I just started to practice parkour near people rather than far from them so that they  can ask what I was doing . I did that every time and everytime people asked what I was doing I stayed there and explained parkour from beginning from history to the modern time and there were lot of advertisement which are using parkour so I connected them with that. After that I came to know many people and I got the name tag parkour. People rather preferred me by name parkour than Amrit. So I included my middle name parkour so my name became

Amrit Parkour Gautam.

As I started learning parkour I started to try more moves. They were very hard for learning but harder part  was to find best place to learn these moves but  unfortunately there is no best place to learn it. I have to look for different places. The places which are appropriate for practicing those moves are most of time turn out to be private and no accessible places. So I have to learn those moves in different places .For eg. To practice precission I have to go to local park to practice jumps rolls I have to climb hills, to practice flow I have to find river banks. Some how I learnt the moves but there is no place I practice those with flow and properly. Then I modified myself and left concerntrating on the fancy move to the moves which are applicable in my terrain and the moves which I can apply practically. I mostly concentrated on  flow, speed, climbing, rolling and speed vaults only.

Anything that can comes between you and parkour as you started parkour are motivation and injury. Motivation is the thing you need most but it is difficult to get and injury and parkour comes together but they do not go well together. One severe injury and you are out of the parkour buisness for months sometime years. Fractures and scratches were common things for me they never stop me from practicing parkour  for more than a day but once I broke my arm so that I have to  stop my practice for 4 months  for  first two months I was not even able to  change T-shirt with out supporting my left arm on something or by help. When I was back things were never same before my fitness level is lot before I was not ready to practice moves both physically but mainly mentally. I needed motivation to achieve it again but I was only person to practice parkour in my city and even in Nepal .  I used to sit in computer for hours to see videos on youtube to motivate myself but it was really difficult task. And I found some kids in kathmandu who are interested in learning parkour . So I  decided to be motivation for parkour to them and I just don’t wanted them to go through the difficulty I been through. It took me another year to overcome fear and get back what I achieved before injury.

As years passed by I find difficult to manage time for the parkour because of my study as I was doing master in physics and I was a secondary teacher. My daily routine started from going to college at 5:00 am in the morning and returning  home at 8:00 pm. Altogether I had hectic  15 hours of schedule in which parkour is not included. So I only practiced parkour in some Saturday or during holiday only but its like none. Because of that I have to be away from pakour for a Year. That I found out that parkour had never only made me physically strong but It had made me  mentally strong too . I had busy shedule before but I was mentally prepare for it but that time I was not. I missed my parkour  practice lot that time but there was no way to manage time practice parkour that time. I used to ask myself will I be able to practice it again?………….

Finally after 1 year  I left my job. I had my study going but I have lot time for parkour now. I am home again and that time I found out  parkour had became part of me. Now I cant do moves I used to do but I am doing parkour. Scratches and fractures are back in my life. I learnt one valuable lesson in my life through parkour. Problems of life are like obstacle of parkours and we have to use problem as a tool to reach our goals we have to vault them, jump over them . We have to enjoy problems rather than going away from them. Problem in my life had came and go but what I always will be is Amrit Parkour Gautam………


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