I Am Keep Getting Lucky But Wish I Had A Go-Pro With Me ( Facing Real Trail Coming Down From Peace Stupa )

Normal Day Normal start it was nice sunny day in Pokhara. I had a hard-tail mountain bike and have to test its limit on real trail. I was looking for some adventurous trails where i could test my limit true but i was not prepared for this.
Going up was fun but I chose the wrong way so i have to carry my bike for most of the time

wpid-img_20141105_111848.jpgThough climbing was hard but the view was worth of hard work. I snapped some photo from top

IMG_20141105_110518 IMG_20141105_111557 IMG_20141105_110811 IMG_20141105_110651 IMG_20141105_111358 IMG_20141105_110604 IMG_20141105_110229 IMG_20141105_110149 IMG_20141105_110315 IMG_20141105_110907 IMG_20141105_110058 wpid-img_20141105_110409.jpg , Rested for some time and started the main thing for what i was there for a adventure.

IMG_20141105_111751 IMG_20141105_105802

While I was climbing down I realized this trail was far more hard for my and my bike because i was beginner with beginner second hand mountain bike which have defective rear brake. While riding down hill I rear brakes are only thing u can rely on that was lesson I learnt yesterday. Though it was dangerous and I was thinking I should not had chose that path but strangely I was having fun. That was adventure I always wanted. Omg  I am going to bump that tree, Omg I have to jump from my bike, Ah!!!! it hurts, Shit!!! not that bush these were the thing running inside my mind over and over again but Adrenaline was doing its work and calling me for more and more I fell like dozen times but it was not matter at all. After half an hour of the fun roller coaster ride the trail was over. This ride gave me life best memory of my life with some scratches and cuts to remember it. I will return to that trail again and again but certainly not with those not working rear brakes and zero skilled mountain bike beginner.

But I wish I had a Go-pro with me it was hell of a ride to share.


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