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Though I Cant Fly Like A Bird But I Can Ride Above Them. ( Mountain biking from Nagdanda To Pokhara Through Sarangkot and Kaskikot)

This is the best experience I had with my mountain bike.I want to thank  my brother for this awesome biking experience because he did same trail opposite way  and riding was all up hill so I decided  to go downhill for that i have to start my journey from Naudada  and riding there is a energy consuming and time consuming task but i didn’t had time that day. I decided to take a bus form  Baglung busparI k it was just 15 min ride from my home. This time I was well prepared than before. I had camel water bag, Headlight and basic tools to maintain my bike on the way.

wpid-img_20141207_133558.jpgwpid-img_20141207_133454.jpg wpid-img_20141207_133400.jpgI took a bus and headed for my starting point Naudada ( Nagdada ) I asked them to drop me off at Naudada chok . It took me half an hour to reach me there. After they drop me I bought two juices and a noodles and headed my way and…….

It was jaw dropping experience through beautiful village of Kaskikot. On my left there was beautiful and quiet forest and on my right a spectacular view of Fewa lake. Riding through kaskikot led me to sarangkot famous tourist place to see sunrise on pokhara  and take off zone of  world famous paragliding. All I was doing was snapping photos and asking people for the route because I didn’t know the trail well. First I had  planned to finish my journey on Bagar( Near Bindhawasini Temple )  but  amazingly I ended up in Khapaudi ( Near fewa lake). If anyone is trying to go for mountain biking in Pokhara I recommend everyone this awesome trail. Do not worry about the route or taking wrong  turn because you cant get lost here at least physically but I cant guarantee for your mind because it could by the beauty of this wonderful trail.

placewpid-img_20141207_132118.jpg wpid-img_20141123_192611.jpg

On my way I was amazed to see a tiny lake  there it was beautiful but not well managed I snapped some photos and headed my way

wpid-img_20141207_133233.jpg wpid-img_20141206_163100.jpg wpid-img_20141207_133017.jpg wpid-img_20141206_163034.jpg wpid-img_20141207_132151.jpg wpid-img_20141207_133250.jpg wpid-img_20141207_132632.jpg wpid-img_20141206_163529.jpg wpid-img_20141207_132724.jpg wpid-img_20141207_131653.jpg


Oh my god!!!!!!! I got lucky again ( Mountain Biking form Ratomato Hill to My Home lake side )

Who have thought I can use my mobile and my bag to use it to shoot my journey. This trail got wide variety of choices we can go up to Methlang , sarangkot or we can take some side trails for professionals or anyone can start a journey from Ratomato Hill ( Pokhara ,parsyang  ) to lakeside. I think I should change My name to Mr.Lucky……………